With the kind of technology we have today, plenty of amazing car add-ons have been developed in the past years. These tools make driving experience better than ever which is why lots of people would love to invest in these automotive add-ons. Choose only the essential ones to make your money count. Here are the most useful car accessories you must install whether your car is new or old for better experience on the road.

Smart Car Locator

Losing your car in a parking lot with so many vehicles is a common experience to most drivers. Imagine how time consuming and embarrassing it would be, pacing around and beeping the car keys to locate your vehicle. In times like this, a smart car locator is what you need. It acts like a Bluetooth tracking device so you can locate your car using your phone. No matter how busy a parking lot, you can surely find your car in just a few seconds.

Reverse Camera

A reverse camera is a camera mounted behind your car. It gives you a full view of what’s directly behind your vehicle through a video feed in a small screen in front of you. Reverse cameras are really useful when reversing the car and even parking especially on tight parking spaces. They are really popular today and you can even install one by yourself. Simply follow the step-by-step direction on reverse camera kits to install it properly.

Key Finder

Now that you have a car locator, complete it by adding a key finder to your collection. It’s just like a tag you put on your car key and works as a Bluetooth tracking device. Track your keys using your phone and you’ll surely find them easily no matter where they’re hidden at.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Having a Bluetooth hook-up in your car is almost a necessity nowadays. A Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to play your favourite tunes from your phone vie Bluetooth connection. Aside from that, you can also make hands-free calls when you hook your phone into it. Now you can focus on the road and the steering wheel since you don’t have to hold your phone up when taking or making calls while driving.

Automotive LED Lights

LED lighting has become a trend these days; from house lighting to automotive. Compared to older versions of automotive lighting such as halogen and xenon lights, LED lights are brighter and more energy efficient. LED lights also produce less heat no matter how long it is in use. If you have an older car, consult a mechanic to know which LED lighting is best for it.

GPS Navigation System

While some cars have already built-in GPS systems, older cars don’t. For those who love road tripping, travelling far and exploring new places, a GPS will surely help you know the right way to go. There’s no need to worry when you’re driving in a new area since you’ll surely get to where you’re going.

Whether you have an old or new car, these accessories will surely change your experience in the road.

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