Being a designer is one heck of an awesome career. Whether you are designing a pattern for wrapping paper or a part of a rocket, designing is all about creating something new. Although there are many disciplines when it comes to designing the thought patterns are usually the same. Here are some things that every designer should do.

Look around

We live in an amazing world and you would never know when inspiration might hit. No matter what kind of the designer you are there is always something you can get from the world around you. Whether it is the way that the sunlight falls on the pavement or how a teapot is made, the world around you is just overflowing with ideas and all you have to do it to try and see it. If you are able to truly see the beauty of the world you can add a whole new dimension to your craft.

Learn all day every day

Designing is all about creating new things and in order to create you need to know. Trends are changing each day, new technology is being created and if a designer wants to stay on top they need to learn a lot. There are many resources out there and all you have to do is reach out and these will be able to help you create.

Try out new things

Designers are people who create. They expand what the human can do and therefore it is very important for designers to try new things. When Gutenberg first invented the printing press, when vector graphics were first created it was the designers who took those things and transformed them into something for people to enjoy. Likewise, designers have the responsibility to try out new things. Whether you use a 3d printer Singapore or some new fabric for your design you are helping to expand our boundaries.


Although stealing something and calling it your own is illegal you can still get inspiration and ideas from other creators. People very rarely come up with new things and the world of design works as an evolutionary process. When you copy another creator’s work you are adding your own spin to it and this makes it something new. After a few creators get their hands on one idea they will totally transform it and that it hoe design evolves.

Designing is an awesome thing and if you’re a designer there are people out there who envy you. Make sure you get the most out of what is given to you and create.

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