Jewellery design is an art form that has been around for as long as humans have been there. It is something most people take pride in and by designing a piece of jewellery you are creating a living piece of art. However, like any art, this needs talent and skill and a little something extra. Here are a few tips to help you with your jewellery designing process.

Get a pencil and some paper

You might have an awesome idea in your head and the first thing you need to do it to put that into the paper. There might be many ways where you can do this digitally. But there is something very intimate about drawing your design by hand. OF course, technology is awesome and you can use it to later refine your idea, but your first sketch should always be done by hand. This will allow every part of your vision to be manifested in physical form.

Be inspired

Artists are inspired by many things and no one ever really creates something out of thin air. Never stress about creating something truly new because no one does that. Art and fashion is something that evolves through time and all you can do it to add your own spin to something that is already in existence. Look around and pay attention to things that catch your eye. You have a smartphone with you so make sure you snap a quick picture for reference later.

Know who you’re designing for

Unlike fine art which just hangs somewhere, jewellery says something about the person who wears it so it is important that your design communicates the right message to the wearer. Ask yourself: “Who would wear this and when would they?”.If you can’t get a good answer for this question you need to change what you’re doing. Design your jewellery for people to wear and enjoy.

Be bold

The great thing about being a designer in this era is that there is no much new technology out there and you can do things that previous generations of designers could only dream of. Try to do something new and bold each time you design something. For example, you can get an industrial 3d printer metal and do things that no man could ever do by hand.

Designing jewellery is an art that lives with people. Since you will be sending out a part of you with the pieces you design make sure you do it well.

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