Car maintenance is part of being a responsible vehicle owner. However, some owners can actually make thing worse by incorrectly running maintenance errands. If you are not properly doing car maintenance, then you can actually end up harming your vehicle, resulting in expensive repairs. Therefore, to maintain your vehicle in the best condition and to avoid future damage, make sure you are not making the following car maintenance mistakes:

Not Keeping a Car Maintenance Log

A car maintenance log is a notebook of reminders and notes the car owner, that is you, should have written down as part of a regular maintenance schedule. This log is important for keeping a checklist of things that are already done and things that should be done. If you are not a fan of paper books, you can also buy software or download an app for a car maintenance log. You can use any medium you like, but the point is to have the log for proper care.

Neglecting Battery Care

Don’t ignore the car’s battery just because it’s not dead yet. The battery should be checked not just for the charge but also for issues like corrosion around the cables. It’s recommended to monthly or bimonthly check the condition of the battery to avoid problems later on the road. Make sure you shop for the right types of batteries to replace the original.

Not Checking the Engine Light

If the car’s engine light is faulty, you may never know if a serious engine problem occurs along the way. It’s not easy to check this part of the vehicle without understanding how the engine works. Therefore, take your vehicle to a mechanic and have them check the engine light to make sure it works as it should.

Not Replacing Air Filters

Keep in mind that air filters come with an expiration date and each should be replaced when the time is up. The dirty filters can result in cataclysmic effects inside the engine. The air filter keeps the air clean by removing dust and debris. If the filter fails, it leads to problems like faulty parts and too much debris getting in the way. Therefore, to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, make sure you actually replace the air filters instead of only cleaning each.

Not Scheduling Oil Changes

Do not change the engine oil or any other type of fluid in your vehicle not according to a schedule. Randomly replacing the oil could do more harm than good. Check the car owner’s manual to understand how often you should check the various fluids in the vehicle. You can also ask your mechanic for advice on how to change fluids. Skipping scheduled oil changes can be as bad as changing oil too frequently. Therefore, make sure you keep a log and set reminders to perform this essential task of car maintenance.

And the biggest harm you can do to your car’s maintenance is hiring an incompetent car mechanic. Most of the above problems should be checked with a mechanic. Hire a good mechanic that specialises in your type of vehicle to get the best care for your vehicle.

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